Culver City to Downtown Los Angeles Expo Line Rides Free this Weekend!


Inglewood Report – Staff Photographer – Metro Expo Line at La Cienega, Culver City Station


Los Angeles MTA is offering free rides on its Expo line from and to Downtown LA this Saturday and Sunday.  The light rail metro travels over Jefferson most the way and then make a turn around USC to travel north to Downtown Los Angeles 7th and Figueroa station.  All Aboard!


More Expo Line Information and Photos




1st phase MTA Expo Line Good To Go!


Inglewood Reports – Staff Photography – Expo Line USC/Vermont Station

1st phase MTA Expo Line Good To Go!   The MTA (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority) has thrown the green go light on its EXPO light rail launch – all aboard for FREE. Yeap, FREE!

This April 28 and 29 weekend the rides are free all day.

Inglewood Report took a few pictures of the EXPO/USC station and as you can see the trains look great!

Metro officially launches its Expo line from Downtown Los Angeles to La Cienega this weekend. To be clear the Expo Line is still in the works of reaching Santa Monica, a project many like to call Subway to the Sea. So save some transportation money, visit the museum, go to downtown and come see some cool art, and leave the train to the MTA.



48 month old Gulf Oil Spill wildlife and vegetation are still struggling


Inglewood Report – Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill animals not recovered fully according to press reports

From shrimp with out eyes to dead dolphins with cancer the reports just keep getting worst.  BP oil spill should be a study for Los Angeles South-bay on what a contamination that size can do to wild life and marine mammals.


Click on the news reports below to learn about how the Gulf is not restored.

  • A recent report also notes that there are flesh-eating bacteria in tar balls of BP oil washing up on Gulf beaches







Obama dog meat and Romney dog fight! Jokes and Photos with both candidates along with twitter entries tell a tale.



Inglewood Report – Presidential Election dog meat vs dog transportation


News that President Obama may have eaten dog meat according to his autobiography and that Governor Romney dog-on-car-roof transportation problem is now in the strategist Eric Ferhnstrom radar has triggered unique videos on Youtube.


California Unified Taekwondo Association – CUTA – Southern State Championship to take place in Brea, CA


Inglewood Report – Inglewood’s J.M.S. TKD school students to compete at the Southern State Championship April 21-22, 2012.


CUTA California State Taekwondo Championships qualifiers to compete at 2012 U.S. Junior and Senior National Championship in Dallas, Texas will be hosted at Brea Olinda High this weekend, please joins us in keeping California as the number one state in bringing the most competitors to the National Championship. We wish all the competitors good luck and SPECIALLY to all the Inglewood athletes.  Come and Enjoy the fun .  Enjoy the video below…





Sand Soccer – Redondo Beach a great location to get your Beach Soccer practice this summer


Inglewood Report – Frank Reyes, Photojournalist, Rendondo Beach Sand Soccer photo report

This summer beach sand soccer can be a lot fun, why not sign up with a club or take a few friends to kick the ball. 

Redondo Beach offers a great  recreational beach sand soccer location to youth of all ages.

Enjoy the Video below!







City of Hawthorne, California History Video and the Hawthorne Water Tower Photo Report


Inglewood Report – Frank Reyes – Photojournalist, Southbay Hawthorne, California landmark the water tower report.


This history of Hawthorne, California video on Youtube ends with the most famous City of Hawthorne landmark, its Aqua Blue Water Tower.  Check it out, it references Inglewood, California quite a lot.