Inglewood Oil Field drilling fracking questions

Inglewood Oil Field operations are in the center of a Culver City Hall gathering requesting a ban on fracking

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Inglewood Oil Field’s neighbors want answers about land shift
Los Angeles Times‎ – 6 days ago
Are the cracks that have appeared on some properties caused by Inglewood Oil Field drilling, an underlying fault line or other factors? So far
Inglewood Oil Field
Los Angeles Wave Newspapers‎ – 5 days ago

Ex Wall Street Trader Michael Marin, father of four, died in court in Phoenix, Arizona

Fomer Wall Street trader found guilty of arson, dies moments after jury conviction. 

Michael Marin was convicted of setting his Phoenix mansion on fire after he could not sell the property.

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Michael Marin, ex-Wall Street banker, may have swallowed poison pill during courtroom conviction for arson

New York Daily News‎ – 1 day ago
A former Wall Street trader convicted of setting his Phoenix mansion on fire in a desperate ploy to get out of his mortgage put his hands to his
  • CBS News‎ – 22 hours ago A video recording of Michael Marin’s last moments in court has some officials wonder whether his death was a suicide Read more by

  • Suicide by poison suspected in Arizona courtroom death as verdict was read
  • Washington Post‎ – 10 hours ago
  • Obamacare Passed

    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or the Obamacare has passed the 5 to 4 in The United States Supreme Court.


    The Supreme Court health care opinions came down 5-4 in favor of the President Barack Obama Obamacare law.  It passed as a tax on the people of the United States.


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    1. Washington Post‎ – 11 hours ago
    2. Wall Street Journal‎ – 8 hours ago


    Spinning the Supreme Court ruling on ‘Obamacare

    1. Washington Post (blog)‎ – 37 minutes ago
    2. Wall Street Journal‎ – 10 hours ago


    Insurance industry warns of higher rates, as ObamaCare supporters…/health-care-law-and-insurance-rates/

    10 hours ago – President Obama says the health care law makes coverage more affordable, but the insurance industry reacted to the Supreme Court decision


    1. Debate on ObamaCare to intensify in the wake of landmark Supreme Court ruling

      Fox News‎ – 4 hours ago
      With the dust starting to settle, the debate is sure to intensify over the political, economic and medical ramifications of a landmark Supreme


    1. Health care ruling clears one big hurdle, but businesses face other uncertainties as Obama plan moves forward

      Chicago Tribune‎ – 5 hours ago
      Obamacare lives. Thursday’s 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court ruling keeping intact the bulk of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act took


    Obamacare Lives: What You Need to Know…/obamacare-lives-what-you-need-to-know…
    Morgan Housel
    by Morgan Houselin 81 Google+ circlesMore by Morgan Housel

    17 hours ago – The Motley Fool – What’s next for the Affordable Care Act?


    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Wikipedia, the free

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President

    Madison Square Garden Official Purchase Of The Inglewood Forum

    City of Inglewood Mayor James Butts has welcomed the Madison Square Garden Official Purchase Of The Inglewood Forum.


    MSG paid $23.5 million to acquire the L.A. Forum Arena after several months of negotiations.  The sale completes a City of Inglewood deal that will bring jobs to the city and renovate the arena this year.


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    1. MSG Co. buys the Forum – Los Angeles Lakers Blog – ESPN Los…/msg-co-buys-the-forumCached

      2 days ago – NEW YORK — The Madison Square Garden Co. says it bought the Forum in Inglewood, Calif., for $23.5 million. The historic arena opened in

      L.A. Forum poised to reenter spotlight – Los Angeles Times…/la-et-forum-sale-20101210Cached

      Dec 10, 2010 – The resuscitation of the Forum would fall to Jay Marciano, president of MSG Entertainment. Marciano has overseen a major expansion of the


    MSG Buys Forum for $23.5 Million –…/SB1000142405270230445860457749077161908…Cached

    2 days ago – Madison Square Garden Co. paid $23.5 million to acquire the Forum, an aging arena near Los Angeles that MSG hopes to turn into a top-tier


    1. Madison Square Garden Buys the Forum in Los Angeles

      New York Times (blog)‎ – 2 days ago
      The company behind the Garden paid $23.5 million for the arena and pledged $50 million in renovations.


    Madison Square Garden buys the Forum in Inglewood for $23.5

    The Madison Square Garden Co. says it bought the Forum in Inglewood, Calif., for $23.5 million. Madison Square Garden buys the Forum in


    1. New York Times (blog)‎ – 2 days ago
    2. Los Angeles Wave Newspapers‎ – 1 day ago

    Its Official – Barack Obama A Tax The Middle Class President – The BarackObama.Care Body Tax

    1. Republicans: Ruling focuses election on Obama’s health care tax
      Washington Times‎ – 13 hours ago
      The Supreme Court handed President Obama a major political Obama hails ruling as win for ‘middle class‘; justices hand tax issue to GOP

    Rubio: Obamacare Is ‘Middle Class Tax Increase’…/06/…/443856 

    12 hours ago – Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a rising star in the Republican Party, said the Supreme Court ruling confirms that Obamacare is essentially a “Middle


    Rep. Bill Huizenga on Affordable Care Act ruling: Health care tax › Grand Rapids Opinion 

    5 hours ago – Huizenga says the Affordable Care Act imposes a “job-killing tax increase on middle-class families” and the bill is a “disastrous experiment.”


    Sen. Rubio: This is a ‘middle class tax increase’…/sen-rubio-this-is-a-middle-classNew17 hours ago
    Florida lawmaker on health care ruling. victory for the Obama administration means in middle class tax



    A Tax By Any Other Name: Obama Fudges Health Care Tax to 20, 20093 minUploaded by hiltonhead
    Don’t want health insurance don’t buy a body? What exactly is free about that? This is a body tax, or



    Health Care Reform: 13 Tax Changes on the Way – Kiplinger…/health-care-reform-tax-hikes-on-the-way.htmlCachedSimilar

    Oct 8, 2010 – The new health care reform law is chock-full of new taxes and tax increases The government is the less efficient working body of America.


    The Supreme Court Rules: Individual Mandate Survives As A Tax 

    4 hours ago – Herbal Healer: What is langsat? Virtually unknown on the produce shelves in western countries, this delectable fruit is popular across

    Supreme Court to US Middle Class – Obama just slapped a TAX on you MAN!

      1. Supreme Court upholds healthcare law as tax measure

        Los Angeles Times‎ – 1 hour ago
        The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of President Obama’s healthcare law Thursday, ruling the government may impose tax
      1. Wall Street Journal‎ – 46 minutes ago
    1. Azcentral – Supreme Court upholds Obama health care mandate…

      9 minutes ago – Supreme Court upholds Obama health care mandate most Americans get health insurance or pay a penalty — and it was the penalty, or tax,

    2. Supreme Court upholds health care law – NBC Politics…/12457822-supreme-court-upholds-h 

      2 hours ago – Congress, he said, is “increasing taxes” on those who choose to go Poll: Do you agree with Supreme Court ruling on health care law?

    3. Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: The Mandate Can Stay – ABC › PoliticsOTUS News
      Matt Negrin

      2 hours ago – Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: The Mandate Can Stay The court said that the government will be allowed to tax people for not having

    4. [PDF]

      11-393 National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius

      File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
      1 hour ago – A tax on going without health insurance is not like a capitation or …. notify the Reporter of Decisions, Supreme Court of the United States, Wash-

    5. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare individual mandate as a tax | The…/supreme-court-issue-obamacare-decision-135554…

      2 hours ago – The mandate has been upheld as a tax, with Chief Justice John Roberts, a Bush Obama to speak on Supreme Court’s health care ruling

    6. Obama to speak on Supreme Court’s health care ruling – Yahoo! News…/obama-speak-supreme-court-health-care-ruling-

      1 hour ago – How Mitt Romney will respond to the Supreme Court’s health care ruling Supreme Court upholds Obamacare individual mandate as a tax

    7. Supreme Court justices skeptical tax law derails health care debate…/Supreme-Court-health-care…/1Mar 26, 2012
      The Supreme Court opened three days of arguments on Obama’s health care law by questioning whether
    8. Primer: Supreme Court’s Health Reform Ruling Expected Thursday…/supreme-court-decision-on-health-care-reform-a-pri…Cached

      6 hours ago – Three months after the Supreme Court’s hearings on the health care by the Internal Revenue Service, but will not appear on a taxpayer’s tax

    9. Supreme Court Declares Health Care Mandate a Tax – Living in…/supreme-court-declares-health-care-mandate…

      25 minutes ago – Private companies can now be tax collectors? According to the Supreme Court private health insurance company’s premiums are now a tax.

    10. Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Law Mandate as Tax – Income…/supreme-court-upholds-healthcare-law-mandat…

      1 hour ago – The Supreme Court has upheld the key individual mandate element of President Obama’s healthcare law by essentially characterizing it as a


      1. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare individual mandate as a tax

        ABC News‎ – 1 hour ago
        In a victory for President Obama, the Supreme Court decided to uphold his signature health care law’s individual mandate in a split decision,
      1. Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)‎ – 5 minutes ago
      2. Washington Post (blog)‎ – by Rachel Weiner‎ – 4 minutes ago
    1. Obamacare tax now violates Obama’s 2008 tax pledge | The Daily…/with-court-ruling-1-7-trillion-obamacare-tax-now-…

      36 minutes ago – The Obamacare tax may amount to $1.7 trillion over a decade.

    2. Supreme Court: Obamacare Mandate is Covered by Congress…

      Supreme Court upholds health-care law, individual mandate. Robert Barnes Washington Post June 28, 2012. The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the

    3. Is Obamacare a Tax? | Heartland Institute

      Is Obamacare a Tax? Maureen Martin –. Maureen Martin –. The U.S. Department of Justice recently filed motions to dismiss the lawsuits brought by 18 states

    4. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare individual mandate as a tax | The…/supreme-court-issue-obamacare-decision-135554…

      2 hours ago – From the blog The Ticket: In a victory for President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court upheld his signature health care law’s individual

    5. Video: Obama and Kathleen Sebelius Saying Obamacare Not a Tax…/flashback-video-absolutely-reject-that-notion-o…

      35 minutes ago – In the Blaze’s short research we have uncovered there high profile on-the-record declarations from the Administration strongly repudiating the

    6. Obama lied: ObamaCare IS a tax! – The Hill’s Pundits Blog…/235343-obama-lied-obamacare-is-a-tax

      40 minutes ago – Team Obama may be cheering now, just after the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate, but the political problems for the president

    7. The ObamaCare Tax? –

      Jun 12, 2012 – Regulation, taxation, and the insurance mandate. Jacob Sullum from the July 2012 issue. During the 2009 debate over the Patient Protection

    8. Is ObamaCare’s ‘Shared Responsibility Payment’ a Tax or a Penalty…/is-obamacares-shared-responsibility-pay…

      9 minutes ago – Rejecting the majority’s argument that the “shared responsibility payment” due from people who fail to obtain government-prescribed medical

    9. : NRCC: ‘ObamacareTaxes Sick Puppies

      NRCC: ‘ObamacareTaxes Sick Puppies. Posted on June 19, 2012. Bookmark and Share. A Republican claim that the federal health care law taxes “heart

    Supreme Court of The United States – Judgement Day 730amPST Obama Care Lives!

    Supreme Court upholds Obama health care law

    USA TODAY - 7 minutes ago
    The Supreme Court ruled today on President Obama’s health care plan.

    In-Depth: Awaiting Ruling on Fairly Simple Questions About a Complex Health New York Times
    Blog: President Obama Finds out about SCOTUS Health Care Ruling Just Fox News (blog)
    US Supreme Court upholds individual mandate in Obama health The Star-Ledger –