Ex Wall Street Trader Michael Marin, father of four, died in court in Phoenix, Arizona

Fomer Wall Street trader found guilty of arson, dies moments after jury conviction. 

Michael Marin was convicted of setting his Phoenix mansion on fire after he could not sell the property.

News Reports:

Michael Marin, ex-Wall Street banker, may have swallowed poison pill during courtroom conviction for arson

New York Daily News‎ – 1 day ago
A former Wall Street trader convicted of setting his Phoenix mansion on fire in a desperate ploy to get out of his mortgage put his hands to his
  • CBS News‎ – 22 hours ago A video recording of Michael Marin’s last moments in court has some officials wonder whether his death was a suicide Read more by

  • Suicide by poison suspected in Arizona courtroom death as verdict was read
  • Washington Post‎ – 10 hours ago
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