After Police Shooting Anonymous Responds With Operation Anaheim

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Anonymous posts Anaheim police chief’s personal information

Los Angeles Times - 15 hours ago
The group Anonymous has posted Anaheim Police Chief John Welter’s address, phone number and other personal information on various

Video: Anonymous launches #Operation Anaheim - 2 days ago
Anaheim has seen two officer-involved shootings over the weekend and protests are continuing against police brutality in the city.

Operation Anaheim: Anonymous and Occupy Join Police Brutality - 1 day ago

Anonymous backs protesters who say two fatal shootings are latest examples of police brutality.

Anonymous‘ Operation Anaheim Asks You to ‘Rise Up’ Against That

LA Weekly (blog) - 22 hours ago
If we were the Anaheim Police Department, we’d also put our IT geeks on high alert. While cops in…

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