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Cuba espera la llegada de Papa Benedicto XVI este marzo 26



Inglewood Report – Cuba espera a el Papa Benedicto XVI


Papa Benedicto XVI se reuniran despues de su visita a Mexico con el presidente de Cuba este lunes 26 de marzo.  El presidente, Raul Castro recibira a el papa en Santiago de Cuba.  Entre el 26 y 28  de marzo, el expresidente cubano Fidel Castro tambien podria reunirse con el papa pero no esta esto confirmado por el momento, sin embargo el Papa estara disponible escribio Agencia Ecclesia.


Papa Benedicto XVI visita a Guanajuato marzo 23

InglewoodReport – Leon Mexico recibira a el Papa el 23 de marzo


El Papa Benedicto XVI visitara Guanajuato, Mexico este 23 de marzo.  En Leon estaran tres campanas listas para anunciar la llegada del Papa a Guanajuato.  Estas campana estan esperando en la Catedral de Leon.  La llegada en avion a el aeropuerto internacional de Guanajuato (Silao) esta preparada para el Viernes 23 de marzo.


Kony 2012 and Viral Kony 2012 campaing Jason Russell “bizarre”



Invisible Children filmmaker and co-founder Jason Russell was detained in San Diego.  Jason Russell is responsible for the film Kony 2012, now viewed via viral video campaing by millions of visitors.  A video show Jason Russell naked and angry while screaming maniacally at a street corner.  He is now hospitalized after San Diego police took him into custody for his own safety.  News reports indicate that Jason Russell was busted for this public rampage “allegedly vandalised cars and made sexual gestures while wearing his underwear” according to The Guardian, a United Kingdom newspaper.


Nose Job – rhinoplasty, leaves Cairo MP looking for a new job

Nose Plastic Sugery lands Egyptian Islamist MP jobless after he resigned for lying about having plastic surgery on his nose.



Egypt ‘carjacked’ MP had a nose job

CAIRO — An Egyptian Islamist MP was forced to resign from parliament and from his party after claiming that he was injured in a carjacking, when he had in fact had a nose job, his party said on Monday.

A bruised and bandaged Anwar al-Bilkimy had appeared on television last week saying he was the victim of a carjacking and spoke of how gunmen beat him and stole 100,000 Egyptian pounds ($16,500).

But doctors and medical staff at a hospital in the Cairo suburb of Sheikh Zayed came forward and said that the MP, who belongs to the ultra conservative Islamist party al-Nur, had in fact been undergoing rhinoplasty at the time.

In a statement on its Facebook page, Al-Nur said its chief Emad Abdel Ghafur had gone to see Bilkimy on Monday and confirmed that the whole story had been “made up”.

Bilkimy “has resigned from the party and from parliament,” the party said.

The MP is also to “offer a formal apology to the doctors at the hospital, the party, all members of parliament, the media, security forces and to all the Egyptian people,” it said.

Egyptian prosecutors had launched an investigation into the affair, asking staff at the hospital to provide Bilkimy’s medical records and demanding a forensic examination.

Bilkimy’s claims of an attack came as Egypt struggles with insecurity since a popular uprising toppled president Hosni Mubarak last year, with a rise in carjackings, robberies and violence on the streets.