Inglewood California Market Receives visit from first lady Michelle Obama, Mayor Villaragosa and Mayor Butts


Inglewood Mayor Butts and First Lady Michelle Obama

In her effort to fight obesity, First Lady Michell Obama together with L.A. Mayor Villaragosa and Inglewood Mayor Butts made a visit to a local Inglewood market, to speak to the community residents and leaders about eating healthy.  The market is taking part in a statewide campaign effort to reduce obesity in low-income communities and making healthy food affordable and accessible.  According to Mayor James Butts the Northgate Gonzalez Market located at the corner of Praire and Lennox in the city of Inglewood will bring much needed jobs to the city and also promote healthy eating by providing awareness about healthy food alternatives.

“That’s how we solve this problem- one community, one household at a time,” first lady Michelle Obama said, adding “we are not just making this generation of kids healthier, but we are working on the next and the next and the next” The first lady also spoke about how important it is to teach our children how to eat healthy at an early age.

First lady Michelle Obama made this visit as part of her “Let’s Move!” nationwide health campaign for fitness and healthier food.  Her “Let’s Move!” campaign includes promoting initiatives such as the $264 million California FreshWorks Fund. She spoke on the progress of the market and the importance of food development projects. The Northgate Gonzales Markets, which operates 34 supermarkets, has received a $20 million loan from the California FreshWorks Fund, a public-private partnership, to build the Inglewood store and two others. The Inglewood market will offer products from Mexico and Central America as well fresh produce, meat, sea food, dairy and bakeries.

According to a Northgate Gonzales spokesman the chain has launched a “Viva La Salud” campaign that puts a special mark to denote healthy foods, such as grape oil and olive oil instead of Manteca; it also holds in-store cooking classes to raise consumer awareness of healthy alternatives, and it plans to launch a program to help high school students develop healthy school lunch recipes.

Inglewood’s Northgate Gonzalez Market is a franchise started by Mr. Miguel Gonzales.  He emigrated in 1980 from Jalisco, Mexico.  This store will be the South Bay’s latest supermarket that caters to the local Inglewood Hispanic community with a homeland experience, said Mr. Carl Middleton, president of Northgate Gonzales Real Estate Co.

After her Inglewood stop, Obama was scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and to deliver a luncheon speech at the Democratic National Committee.