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1st phase MTA Expo Line Good To Go!


Inglewood Reports – Staff Photography – Expo Line USC/Vermont Station

1st phase MTA Expo Line Good To Go!   The MTA (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority) has thrown the green go light on its EXPO light rail launch – all aboard for FREE. Yeap, FREE!

This April 28 and 29 weekend the rides are free all day.

Inglewood Report took a few pictures of the EXPO/USC station and as you can see the trains look great!

Metro officially launches its Expo line from Downtown Los Angeles to La Cienega this weekend. To be clear the Expo Line is still in the works of reaching Santa Monica, a project many like to call Subway to the Sea. So save some transportation money, visit the museum, go to downtown and come see some cool art, and leave the train to the MTA.